Kamran Heydari


George Mason University
BA Economic History, Finance, and MISĀ 

Kamran Heydari

Mr. Heydari is the visionary Founder and Co-Founder of AFR PE. Inc.
Mr. Heydari is the driving force at AFR PE and has been instrumental in the creation, development, and execution of AFR PE. He focuses on the strategic execution and company management of AFR PE. Mr. Heydari is responsible for leading the company, overseeing management teams, achieving innovative product development initiatives, and driving growth.
Prior to AFR PE, he has spent 25 years in the financial services, corporate management, asset management, and technology industries. He has developed expertise in the fields of corporate management, corporate governance, technology, financial services, investing, investment banking, hedge funds, shareholder activism, private equity, credit related investments, real estate, financial technology, financial data research, financial engineering, and investor relations. Mr. Heydari holds a B.A. in History from George Mason University.

Professional Background

Mr. Heydari has been involved in technology and financial services since 1998. Mr. Heydari’s career includes positions at GSA.Gov, Gables Residential REIT, Morgan Stanley, Novastar, Hedgeworld, CMA Credit Derivatives, Citigroup, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, KA Enterprises Real Estate Corp, Hellofresh, and Shareholder Activist Investors.